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The Complete React Native Multi-vendor App for WooCommerce Websites

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DEMO: You can download the Android APK for the version 3.0 Beta HERE. All identified bugs will be fixed before publishing the final Source Code.


Hubay Woo Commerce version 3.0 will be published soon. This mobile app is developed using React Native framework . React Native is a famous JavaScript framework released by the Facebook . It enables developing cross-platform native apps for iOS and Android using ReactJS . A good example of some apps built with react native is Facebook and Instagram apps.

How can you use this code?

  • You can use it for a single or multi-vendor woo commerce stores.
  • You can change the app name, logo, colors, and integrate with your own woo commerce website.
  • You can build apps for both App Store (iOS) and Google Play (Android).
  • You just need to make changes to the configuration file inside the source code.


The documentation includes all instructions to help you in building the mobile app for both iOS and Android. These instructions demonstrate step by step guidelines to  assist you in deploying apps.

You will be able to customize the app name, logo, colors, and integrate with your woo commerce website. However, these guidelines does not include training about how to code in React Native.

If you want to learn coding with React Native, please subscribe to my YouTube channel and my website www.alraisi.net . I will be publishing my first course soon, so stay tuned. 


Please review the documentation and don’t hesitate to ask me questions via comments area or the author contact form here. I have also created a YouTube Channel for video tutorials to help you in building the app for iOS and Android.  Currently, The React Native framework does not support XCODE 10. However, you can still use the code with XCODE 9.X or the “Legacy Build System”. I will update the code once React Native publish their version 0.58 which supports XCODE 10.


  • Quality” is a core feature taken into consideration while developing the app.
  • This app is unique and overall there are very few apps for Woo Commerce are built with React Native.
  • You will save more than 10,000$ to build such app by hiring React Native developers. 
  • You will not spend extra money to get updates. You will receive FREE future updates.
  • Each client will get one time remote support to build the app for iOS and Android. 
  • Continuous support will be available via the ticket system. 
  • The app pricing is affordable now, as the app grows, the pricing will go higher


You will need basic skills to use the code as follows:

  • Woo Commerce.
  • XCODE (For Mac users only).
  • Android Studio.
  • React Native command line interface (CLI)
  • NodeJS.

If you are not a programmer please review section 9 below



  • The performance of loading data has been considered for “Quality” and “Speed” aspects.
  • Customers will be able to store default address for the delivery.
  • A filter has been added in categories page. It will help customers to filter with their preferences. 
  • Customers will be able to add, modify, and remove delivery addresses right from the app.
  • Clothing (Fashion) categories and subcategories will have branding, slider image gallery, and sizes (XXL, XL, L, M, and S).
  • Promotion slider will point to internal categories instead of external URLs.
  • Coupon will be added .
  • Integration with google maps for delivery.
  • Customers will be able to filter their orders page. 
  • Ratings will be added in the product page. 
  • Home page user experience has been improved.


You can build your app for woo commerce stores in 5 minutes only. Start by setting up your configurations inside Config.js file and build iOS and Android releases. The documentation will help you to:

  • Change logo and colors or select a ready theme.
  • Integrate your website and add woo commerce consumer and secret keys.
  • Test your apps in real mobile devices (You may require developer accounts for this).
  • Build release to publish in App Store and Google Play.

There are also video tutorials in section 10 below.


The app bundle will include a full source code and there a package.json file that also includes all dependencies required for this projects. So major elements of an eCommerce app are included (For example: Home, categories, search, wishlist, cart, profile, my orders, login, sign up, product details … etc.)





  • Technologies used in this app are:  React Native Redux  and  Rest API .
  • Strong authentication technique using JWT Authentication.
  • Convert your mobile app to multivendor using Dokan   multivendor plugin (For customers only not vendors). 
  • Integrate your Woo Commerce (WordPress site) using REST API consumer and secret keys.    
  • Get benefits of push notification for better user engagement and leads using
  • OneSignal  push notification.
  • Follow step by step instructions using the documentation .
  • Enable RTL option to convert your app to Arabic (اللغة العربية).
  • Enable user feedback via rating, sharing, and sending feedbacks.


Currently there are four major methods for the payment as follows:

  1. Cash on deliver (COD): this is a very famous option and preferred by a large number of customers.
  2. Stripe Gateway: visit Stripe Payment Gateway  website ( www.stripe.com ).
  3. PayPal Gateway: visit PayPal  website ( www.paypal.com ).
  4. Razorpay Gateway: visit Razorpay website ( www.razorpay.com ).

Is it possible to add more payment gateways?

This is possible if the payment gateway supports React Native. At the moment, there is no plan to add more payment gateways, unless if the demand is high and the required payment gateway supports React Native. 



Do you need app screenshots for app store optimization (ASO)?

Claim your FREE PSD (Photoshop files) screenshot templates by leaving a review in codecanyon.net, as follows:

  1. Leave a review in codecanyon
  2. Open ticket in www.hubay.net/support
  3. Receive your screenshot templates via email.



For smooth troubleshooting, please ensure the following:



If you are not a technical person and you would like to publish your app to App Store and Google play after making essential changes, then hire me.

How does it work?

  1. Purchase a license.
  2. Open ticket in www.hubay.net/support .
  3. Provide your site integration details (Name, logo, colors, and API keys).
  4. Select the preferred type of contract from the above link.
  5. Your app will be published within one week.


  1. How to install NodeJS depdecny for the project
  2. How to install React Native and other dependencies.
  3. How to install XCODE (for Mac Only).
  4. How to install ATOM code editor
  5. How to build the app for iOS.
  6. How to install Android Studio and Android genymotion emulator.
  7. How to build the app for Android .







1. Show the brand name and enhance the UI of products.
2. Adding discount, filtering, and sorting components in the category page.
3. Adding additional information in my orders page and enhancing the UI. 
4. Adding a filter to my orders page.
5. Allowing users to add, edit, and remove address. 
6. Allowing users to set default address for the checkout process.
7. Adding attributes for clothing products : brands, colors, and sizes (XL,L,M, and S).
8. Defining internal categories for promotions instead of having external links. 
9. Fixing minor bugs and updating to the latest React, React Native, and React Navigations.

Version 2.1.0 (17/09/2018):

1. New colors for the app.
2. Facebook login integration.
3. Stripe payment integration.
4. Code is upgraded to the react native 0.57.0.
5. Upgraded the android build.
6. UI enhancement for Login and Sign-Up pages.
7. Minor bugs are fixed.

Version 2.0 (29/08/2018):

1. Added razorpay payment gateway.
2. Fixed bug when showing categories in the main page.
3. Added sub categories scroll in top of each category page.
4. Added filter in the search section. 
5. Upgraded the react navigation to the latest version. 

Version 1.0 (29/07/2018):

1. First release.


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