Tablet Menu for Restaurants

Tablet Menu for Restaurant

This is tablet and ipad application. Digital menu for restaurant. Working system: The customer will be able to order whatever he wants without waiting the waiter when he is seated at a table in a restaurant. Orders made from the tablet instantly come to the management panel of the waiter and the managers.


General Features

  • Ios (Ipad) & Android (Tablet) Support
  • Modern Technologies & Design
  • CMS – Web Admin Panel
  • Android & Ios & Back End & Web Clien Source Code
  • Real Time Comunication & Well Performance
  • Well Documented

Tablet & Ipad Features

  • Review products by category
  • Adding products to order, increasing, decreasing etc.
  • Manage and update order
  • Order and products detail (time, price etc.)
  • React Native – Mobx

Web Admin Panel Features

  • React JS single page application- Mobx
  • Real time dynamic system
  • Instant display when order is placed
  • Add, delete, update categories
  • add, delete, update, list by category


  • React Native
  • Android Ios
  • NodeJs- Express
  • React JS
  • Mongo DB
  • Mobx – Mobx-React


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Live Preview External Product via Envato
Live Preview External Product via Envato