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Shopify App for iOS and Android


Compatible with any Shopify Template.
Our Shopify mobile application solution is compatible with any template as we grab data directly from the Shopify server, graphical differences do not matter.

E-Commerce experience on a whole new level.
We worked with experts in the E-Commerce field in order to design screens, that not only create a good User Experience but also call to action subconsciously

Rich UI & UX on both Android and iOS.
The App is available on the two biggest operating systems.

Rich mobile experience powered by Flutter.
Flutter aims to provide 60 frames per second(fps) performance or 120 fps performance on devices capable of 120Hz updates.
This means this app can easily compete performance-wise with fully native apps from big players.

Polished UI & UX to create the most straight-forward funnel possible.
We have worked closely with E-Commerce experts and tested the app frequently on possible users, each time we repolished the unclear parts of the app.

Two themes to rule them all; normal and dark mode.
Nowadays the dark theme is a must-have, of course our app includes it.

Save approximately 1000 hours of work, from designing and coding up to testing with real customers.
The right usage of up-to-date technologies such as Flutter and connections to a network of experts allowed everyone to contribute with the best possible solutions.

Super fast performance to provide a native app feeling.
We have had a long research time about mobile frameworks and came to the conclusion that the Flutter framework fits the best for our use case


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