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Paperless Queue Management System

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VERSION 1.7.1 is ready for download

This project is an Paperless Queue Management System. No need printer and just use mobile phone or tablet as the communication media. The end user and business people MUST login with mobile phone number to achieve higher security.

CLIENT APP is for the end user who create the token number on his/her hand. Once the token is created, the ADMIN APP will trigger the running queue one by one until the right end user will reach the right counter. Push notification will send to end user as an alert.

ADMIN APP is for the business people who trigger the next token number. The issued token number saved on server side. End user is no need to refresh the CLIENT APP to get notification on the latest information from the server. Business people can create multiple store setting, but only select ONE store for ONE mobile number. When the business people issued the next token, the end user’s distance will be shown to business people for estimating the end user position.

Online Documentation is ready for reading and more understand about Paperless QueueMS. Don’t hesitate and feel free to drop an email to [email protected]

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Paperless Queue Management System for Android - 2 Paperless Queue Management System for Android - 3

Version 1.7.1 [20 July 2019]
– Update Lib
– Change Admin App login as EmailPassword login

Version 1.6.8 [05 Jun 2019]
– Update Lib
– Support nearby range – the user should nearby on certain range of the store for issue a new token

Version 1.6.7 [14 April 2019]
– Update Lib
– Support Printing on selected Printer

Version 1.6.6 [6 April 2019]
– Call user
– Fixed bug

Version 1.6.5 [24 March 2019]
– Fixed Text null issue

Version 1.6.4 [21 March 2019]
– Fixed India Timezone
– Fixed Lat Lng Value Validation

Version 1.6.2 [7 March 2019]
– Update to AndroidX
– Update Client and Admin UI
– Update Login UI
– Add Reset button
– More features
– Bug fixed

Version 1.4.1 [6 Jan 2019]
– Upgraded Libs

Version 1.4+ [10 Nov 2018]
– Removed Support Printing
– Support Multi Language
– Fixed Bug

Version 1.3+ [17 Sept 2018]
– Support Printing
– Prevent client user issue token
– Fixed Bug

Version 1.2+ [11 Sept 2018]
– Upgraded Library
– Updated database structure
– Updated UI
– Updated Insight Report
– Able to calculate distance between user and company
– Added setup company with database file


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