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Ionic4 Clothes Commerce App

Ionic4 Clothes Commerce App.

You can easily, quickly build an Android/ios App, through this template, Ionic4 Clothes Commerce template to achieve
rapid development, the
underlying data access is a generic class, if you use the API, just need to change your Api Url.This template
implements a variety of common functions.

New Features

  1. Ionic4 + Angular8 (Ionic v5.2.3).
  2. Reactive Forms Validation.
  3. Dynamic design layout
  4. Multiple sortable implementation
  5. Automatic Push notification for user login
  6. Dynamic sortable banner blocks
  7. Dynamic sortable clothes blocks
  8. Firebase integration

Page List

  1. Home dashboard page
  2. Order List page
  3. Favorite list page
  4. Address list Page
  5. Coupon list Page
  6. Clothes Products page
  7. Clothes Details page
  8. Shopping cart page
  9. Settle page
  10. Profile page
  11. Notice page
  12. Address Page
  13. Order detail page
  14. Cate Page
  15. Login Page
  16. Register Page

App Features

  1. Call Number Open with dial App
  2. Card IORead Card No with App
  3. PaypalPaypal
  4. Local NotificationsRead Card No with App
  5. ScreenshotScreenshot with App
  6. Code pushCodepush with App

Ionic Components implementations and extension

    1. AlertProvider
    2. CityProvider
    3. LoadingProvider
    4. LoggerProvider
    5. ToastProvider
  • Ionic e-commerce App 2.0

         -Support Android hardware back

    Ionic e-commerce App 1.0

    - Initial release 1.0


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