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Ionic2WooBooking – Ionic2 Woocommerce Booking App

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Ionic2WooBooking is an Ionic2 WooCommerce Booking Full Application based on Android and iOS. We create this app to easily connecting your WooCommerce website with hybrid mobile application (Android & iOS).

Ionic framework 2 open source front-end SDK for developing hybrid mobile apps with HTML5
Already builded for iOS and Android platforms using the Cordova Command-Line Interface – Builds are included in the deliverable.

Domo will be Coming soon!!!

Product Features:

  • Make Booking(Support duration type:Month,Day,Day and Hour)
  • Calendar-Show customer booking info in Calendar Page
  • Booking Products Listing
  • Booking Products Details
  • View A Booking Product
  • WooCommerce Authentication
  • WooCommerce REST API: Category Listing
  • WooCommerce REST API: Create An Order
  • WooCommerce REST API: View Orders
  • WooCommerce REST API: Create A Customer
  • WooCommerce REST API: Verify User – Retrieve and View a specific customer by email or email and password
  • Full WooCommerce Product Category or Product Listing Integration(only shwo booking product)
  • Paypal Payment Support.
  • Stripe payment Support.
  • Social Sharing Support for all WooCommerce Products
  • Onesingal—Multi-platform Push Notification Service
  • Booking Autoload on scrolling
  • Edit Address
  • Favorites
  • Multiple Shipping Methods
  • Secret for protect user password
  • Slide in homepage
  • Persistent login

WordPress plugin Features:

  • Add Booking product in Woocommerce
  • Manage Booking product in Woocommerce
  • Set Booking product Booking duration type(Month,Day,Hour)
  • Set Booking product Minimum duration
  • Set Booking product Maximum duration
  • Set Booking product Base Cost
  • Set Booking product Block Cost
  • Manage booking order in woocommerce

– Update ionic to 3.0.0
– Update wordpress plugin compatible with woocommerce 3.0
– Fix booking list issue

– Update wordpress plugin
– Fix stripe issue

– Initial release


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