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Ionic Ecommerce – Universal iOS & Android Ecommerce / Store Full Mobile App with Laravel CMS

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IonicEcommerce is complete mobile app solution for android and ios platform with advanced laravel CMS. You have variety of ready made ecommerce pages to create your mobile app and have comprehensive cms to manage your store. It’s best app for any type of store like Fashion, Electronics, Grocery and Restaurant. Either you are store owner or developer, it’s best solution for faster development with low cost. We provide complete support and also provide customization & installation services at reasonabale price.

You can create any types of store like Fashion, Restaurant, Electronics and Grocery store. We have created few store demos for our valueable customers for testing our app.

Restaurant Demo

Fashion Demo

General Shop Demo

Admin side is integrated to manage product data, you can edit and update the data anywhere and anytime.FCM notification feature allow admin to send notifications to many users. Admin panel build with LARAVEL PHP Framework Test out our admin panel open below link in your browser.


username: [email protected]
password: admin

Change Logs:

Version 1.1 – Released Date: 17 November 2017

Laravel CMS New Features:
- Add ability to change admin dashboad in other language. Copy this folder "/resource/lang/en/" and rename link i.e /ar/ and open this file "/resource/lang/ar/labels.php" and update all labels in arabic language. After that open "config/app.php" and update below two lines
'locale' => 'en', // set to 'ar'
'fallback_locale' => 'en', // set to 'ar'
Cms Issues Fixed:
- Add New Customer Bug Fixed 
- Tax Issue with Braintree Fixed
- Payment Methods Cash On Delivery Fixed 
- 'payments_setting' sql table updated with new fields (cash_on_delivery, cod_name, stripe_name, braintree_name)
- Payment methods service updated 
App New Features:
- Payment Methods are now enable/disable from the server
- Some minor bug fixes 

Version 1.2 – Released Date: 28 November 2017

- Fixed Some Minor Issues

Version 1.4 – Released Date: 03 December 2017

- Fixed Some Minor Issues

Version 2.0 – Released Date: 09 December 2017

We have updated our app to latest technologies:
- IONIC 3.9.2
- Laravel 5.5
- iPhone X Ready
App & CMS New Features:
- PayPal Integration
- AdMob  
- App Share
- Rate This App
- Animations
- Ability to translate CMS to any language
- Ability to select app home screen and category screen from CMS
- Ability to manage app navigation links from CMS 
- Bug Fixes & Improvements. 

Version 2.1 – Released Date: 29 December 2017

Cms Issues Fixed:
- Special Product - Remove comments from line no 328 to 330 from  appHttpControllersAppMyProductContrroller.php 
- Replace these lines in editProduct.blade.php on line number 111
<option    @if($result['product'][0]->products_id != $result['specialProduct'][0]->products_id && $result['specialProduct'][0]->status == 0) selected @endif value="no">{{ trans('labels.No') }}
<option    @if($result['product'][0]->products_id == $result['specialProduct'][0]->products_id && $result['specialProduct'][0]->status == 1) selected @endif value="yes">{{ trans('labels.Yes') }}
- Some cms labels were missing
update file resourcelangenlabels.php 
update file resourcesviewsadminEditProduct.blade.php 
- Replace these lines in CustomersController.php
$customers_email_address = $user['email'];
$customers_email_address = $user['email'];    
$customers_email_address = '';

Version 2.2 – Released Date: 07 Feb 2018

App & CMS New Features:
- OneSignal Notification Integrated
- Added option to select OneSignal or FCM from CMS
- Optional Image Notification from CMS
- Added the ability to register device to CMS using OneSignal 
- Auto notification and email on User Signup, Order Status Change, Add New Product, Add New News, Forgot Password.
- Manage Notification/Email Settings From CMS http://demo0.ionicecommerce.com/admin/alertSetting
App Issues Fixed:
- Bug Fixes and Code improvements. 
- Shop(products) page filter scrolling fixed
Cms Issues Fixed:
- Bug fixes and code improvements 
- Products status bug fixed
- Language translation bug fixes
- 'languages' table altered, extend characters length for field name 'code'

Version 2.3 – Released Date: 12 Feb 2018

App & CMS New Features:
- AdMOB separate credentials for ios and android. Now you can add android and iOS ad ids separately
- Add new fields in `setting` table
- Update CMS Pages
- Bug Fixes and Code improvements. 

Version 2.4 – Released Date: 17 Feb 2018

- Minor Bug Fixes and Code Improvements. 

Version 2.5 – Released Date: 23 Feb 2018

- Some bug fixes in cms.

Version 2.6 – Released Date: 15 March 2018

- Bug Fixes in CMS
Notification service enable/disable bug is fixed.
Currency symbol was missing.
Email notification bug is fixed.
Delete language will delete all labels and content against this language is fixed.
Disable payment setting bug while saving.
Enable/disable option for email and push notification on place order was missing. 
In Database table 'alert_settings', we added two fields
- File affected:

Version 2.7 – Released Date: 19 March 2018

- Minor bug fixes in app. 
- File affected:
App Source Codesrcappapp.html

Version 2.8 – Released Date: 21 March 2018

- Bug Fixes in CMS
Notification bug is fixed while placing order.
Redirect url issue after delete language is resolved. 
- File affected:

Version 2.9 – Released Date: 30 March 2018

- Bug Fixes in CMS
Address service bug is fixed.
Translation of payment method and shipping methods is added.
- Files affected
- Database
2 new tables are added payment_description, shipping_description
- Bug Fixes in App
Code optimization and cordova error fix
Shipping methods are with translation
Payment methods are now with translation
- Files affected

Version 2.9.1 – Released Date: 05 April 2018

- Bug Fixes in CMS
Order email to admin is added.
- Files affected:
SQL dump has been updated, previous two db dump releases cause 500 error issue. 

Version 3.0 – Released Date: 27 July 2018

- Secured App API
- Compatible with LaravelEcommerce website item
- Restructure Database
- Product Image Zoom
- Bug Fixes and Improvements

Version 3.1 – Released Date: 04 Aug 2018

- Duplicate products issue is resolved.
- Delete product attribute issue is resolved.
- Update tax issue is resolved.

Version 3.2 – Released Date: 02 Sep 2018

- Upload multiple product images issue fixed in cms.
- Facebook setting issue fixed in cms.

Version 3.3 – Released Date: 24 Nov 2018

New Features:
- Loading Speed Improvements in application.
- PNG Navigation Icons option along with Ionic Default Icons  
- Instamojo payment method added for our Indian Customers
- Hyperpay payment method added for our Middle East Customers
- Flash Sale Section Added in App Home Page 
- Product types are added. i) Simple ii) Variable iii) External
- Products are associated with multi categories.
- Products stock can be managed according to the products types.
- Products Attributes based inventory management added 
- Products stock min/max stock is added.
- Calculate shipping price by products weight
- Free shipping over set order total feature added
- Multi admin feature (admin role) is added with assigning privileges.

App Bugs Fixes:
- Duplicate products while getting orders fixed.
- Minor bug fixes and improvements in application 

Admin panel CMS Bugs Fixes:
- Delete product attribute bug is fixed.
- Update tax bug is fixed.
- Additional products image bug is fixed.
- Facebook secret key missing is added.
- Admin panel links corrected.
- Minor bug fixes and improvements

- Restructure and Normalize Entire Database with new Tables and Table Fields.
- Admin Roles table is added.
- Admin Types table is added
- Site logo and site name in setting table.
- Products options / options description table added
- Products options values / options values description table added
- Hyperpay payment method fields are added.
- Flash sale table is added
- Products detail left and right banner with expiry date fields are added.
- Constant banner table is added.
- Orders table transaction_id field is added for payment methods.
- Products shipping rates table is added to manage shipping rate by product weight.


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