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Inventory Management template app

Inventory Management


   Create your own Inventory Management with this App,

    You can easily manage inventory any products stores and add or modify your products

    You can add a picture of each product and add Contacts numbers from your Device

    You can add Customers, Suppliers, Stocks reports  and export them as Excel.


  •      Local SQLite DataBase
  •      Drawer Menu With Categories
  •      Search With Suggestion
  •      Animation, Responsive Design
  •      Ui design beautiful
  •      Developed with Android Studio & Gradle
  •      Support for Jelly Bean (Android 4.1) and newer
  •      Navigation drawer menu with categories
  •      Animated floating action button
  •      Call and Send sms
  •      Send mail

   Inventory Management App is an Android App for tracking product levels. Using the app 

    you can check the stock in real and track inventory.

   Management your products easily and add your products this is the app very simple use for add or edit your products, customers, reports.

  •      Manage inventory
  •      Add products
  •      Manage customers
  •     Calculate Debit, credit, Rebate, and Total Value
  •      Manage reports
  •      Add suppliers
  •      Add documents for product, customer, report
  •      Add numbers and name customers
  •      Call and Send sms
  •      Send mail
  •      Manage reports
  •      Export Excel Reports for Customers, Suppliers, Stocks
  •      Ui design beautiful
  •    Easy to using and More Organized

What You Get

     -Full Android Source Code

     -Full Documents to make any changes to the App

     -Open file.csv in as Excel in your PC

     -Help for any query

  – Link preview video youtube  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4felpkomLxM&t=6s


  –  You can interact with the application from here


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    Updated on: 05 January 2022
    Created on: 05 February 2021