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IMABuildeRz – Universal AppBuilder for Ionic v4

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IMABuildeRz v3 is the successor of IMABuilderz v1, but this is different from the previous version, ionic 4/5 uses the typescript and scss programming language, in other words using modern programming. Please read the difference and and expertise needed: here

Latest Version: rev19.06.03, All imabuilder v3 users please use the latest version.

IMABuildeRz v3 is a web-tool (not SaaS/only for personal) to generate Ionic Framework v4/Latest (ionic/angular) code for apps, you can create no-limit app and backend. By using the Add-ons feature allows you to create apps with/without coding skill. The generated code is a source code that can be edited again such as HTML, Typescript, SCSS, PHP and MySQL.

So this is not a template, not an app based on a template (not like appBuilder generally), this is a code maker, code maker based on your instructions and based on your identity.


  • Auto/Manual Coding, You can create an apps with/without coding skills
  • Unlimited App, You can make apps
    without limits
  • 100% White label, You can sell apps that
    you have created
  • Editable Code, You will easily edit by using Comments or TODO
  • BackEnd Generator, You can ceate Own WordPress Plugin, Own Private CMS for Your App

Example Auto Coding Features

  1. Backend-Tools

    1. (IMAB) PHP Native Generator, Eazy create your own php and sql codes for a backend website for your apps
    2. (IMAB) WP Plugin Generator, Eazy create own wordpress plugin for a backend website for your apps
    3. (IMAB) JSON Editor, Create, edit, or delete an item from JSON file
  2. Add-Ons

    1. About Us, Make a page about us quickly and easily
    2. Admob Free, A free, no ad-sharing version of Google AdMob plugin for Cordova
    3. JSON Scraping, Scraping Data from REST-API/JSON
    4. Data Merger for JSON Scraping, Merge data taken from JSON Scraping on one page
    5. Form Builder, Eazy way to create a form request (next update: rev19.06)
    6. Tab Bar Button, Bring together a few pages with tabs
    7. OneSignal Push, To make code for OneSignal Push Notification plugin
    8. Radio Player, Make a page for a simple radio player support Icecast and SHOUTcast Server
    9. Step Wizard Slider, Create a page wizard for usage instructions, the data used is local data (offline)
    10. WordPress, Create automatic code for wordpress
    11. WordPress Media, Easy way to make a slider page used to fetching media on your WordPress
    12. WordPress Page, Easy way to make the code used to fetching a page on your WordPress
    13. WordPress Post, Easy way to make the code used to fetching posts on your WordPress
    14. WordPress User, Easy way to make the code used to fetching users on your WordPress
  3. Attribute Directives

    1. appBrowser, Open with App Browser (Built-In Browser)
    2. appWebview, Open with Webview
    3. callApp, Open with dial App
    4. facebookApp, Open with Facebook App
    5. geoApp, Open with GEO App
    6. googlePlayApp, Open with Google Play Store App
    7. lineApp, Open with Line App
    8. mailApp, Open with Email App
    9. smsApp, Open with SMS App
    10. systemBrowser, Open with system browser (External)
    11. twitterApp, Open with Twitter App
    12. whatsappApp, Open with Whatsapp App
  4. Additional Directives

    1. barcodeScanner, Scan a bar/qr code to do a search, open a link, or open a page!
    2. instagramApp, Open with Instagram App
    3. payWithPaypal, Create a button for pay with paypal
    4. streamingMedia, Stream audio and video in a fullscreen, native player on iOS and Android
  5. Pipes

    1. objectLength, Get the object length
    2. phpTime, Used to change the php format timestamp to JavaScript format
    3. readMore, Split text and give a trail
    4. stripTags, Used to strip HTML tags from a string
    5. trustResourceUrl, sanitizing Resource URL
    6. trustUrl, sanitizing URL

IMABuildeRz - Universal AppBuilder for Ionic v4 - 1

IMABuildeRz - Universal AppBuilder for Ionic v4 - 2

IMABuildeRz - Universal AppBuilder for Ionic v4 - 3

IMABuildeRz v3

= Rev19.06.03
- Improved: (IMAB) Add-ons -> JSON Scraping
- New features: (IMAB) Add-ons -> Tab Bar Button
- New features: (IMAB) PHP Native Generator -> Submit/Reguest POST/GET Method

= Rev19.05.28
- New features: (IMAB) Add-ons -> Form Builder
- Improved: (IMAB) Themes
- New features: (IMAB) Add-ons -> Data Merger for JSON Scraping

= Rev19.05.13
- New features: (IMAB) Page -> Layout Type -> Search Bar + Barcode Scanner
- New features: (IMAB) Directives -> Additional  -> Barcode Scanner
- New features: (IMAB) Directives -> Additional  -> Streaming Media
- New features: (IMAB) Directives -> Additional  -> Text To Speech
- New features: (IMAB) Directives -> Additional  -> Paypal
- New features: (IMAB) Directives -> Additional  -> Share Via Instagram

= Rev19.04.29
- Improved: (IMAB) Add-ons -> About Us
- Improved: (IMAB) Add-ons -> OneSignal Push
- Improved: (IMAB) Add-ons -> WordPress
- Improved: (IMAB) Add-ons -> WordPress Page
- Improved: (IMAB) Add-ons -> WordPress Posts
- Improved: (IMAB) Add-ons -> WordPress User
- New features: (IMAB) Add-ons -> Radio Player
- Improved: All Add-ons

= Rev19.04.22
- New features: (IMAB) Add-ons -> Admob Free Add-ons
- New features: (IMAB) Menus ->  Header -> Expanded Header
- Improved: Ionic Production
- Improved: (IMAB) Compiler
- Improved: (IMAB) Native

= Rev19.04.15
- New features: WordPress Add-ons
- New features: Popover Component
- New features: (IMAB) Pages ->Corner Button
- Improved: All Add-ons

= Rev19.04.09
- Improved: (IMAB) Pages -> Background Color, Custom Color, Background Image
- Improved: Compatibility with Linux and OSX

= Rev19.04.08
- New features: Services Menu
- New features: Directives Menu
- New features: JSON Editor
- Improved: (IMAB) Apps -> StatusBar Style
- Improved: (IMAB) Pages -> Content -> Styles, Script, WYSIWYG Editor, Modules and History, Clean History 
- Improved: (IMAB) Menus -> Menu Position, Menu Type and Header Color 
- Improved: (IMAB) Add-Ons -> Screenshoot Button
- Improved: (IMAB) Themes -> More Color Variables

IMABuildeRz v2
- imabuilder v2 was changed to imabuilder v3 (ionic4 support)


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