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HR Manager(Expo Mobile App)

HR Manager Mobile App(Using React Native Expo and Asp.net 4.6.1):

– With this application you can manage your office very easily. You can see the attendance of your employees every day and also know their current location.

– No separate mobile application required for admin and staff. Admins and staff can login with an application.

– You can see the current location of the employees on Google Map and if you select an employee, you can also see all his checkpoints.

– My panel has an option for employees. From this panel, employees can check in and check out at office hours every day. However, selfie picture is required for check in / checkout validity. Admin will be able to see this check in / checkout time and selfie picture on his daily attendance screen.

– This application has digital notice board option. You can post a notice with just text or just post a picture or give text and pictures. Employees can see the notice on their notice board

– If any employee wants to take leave, he / she can apply for leave from this application and this leave will be shown as pending to the admin. Admin can disapprove or reject. If you approve the application, it will be posted on the notice board as a notice. This will allow other employees to see that this employee will be on leave that day.

– Leaderboard has an option in this application. 0.5 points for each checkin and 0.5 points for checkout. A board will be generated every month with all the employees based on this daily point. This will show who has used the regular check-in checkout option well.

– Tasks in this application have an option. Any employee or admin can create a task and assign it to someone and check the status of the task.

Before you buy our application, you must see our demo and then decide.

Download Demo APK

Demo Credential

Admin Credential: 123456/123456

Employee Credential: 321/117771

Installation Requirements:

  • Windows shared hosting
  • MS Sql Database
  • Google Map Api Key
  • Https domain required for map loading
  • expo.io account required for apk/ipa file building
  • VS Code tools required for apk/ipa file building

Some questions and answers:

1. What technology has been used in this application?

Answer: There are 2 parts here. One is API Part and the other is Mobile App Part. ASP.net has been used in API Part and React Native Expo has been used for mobile applications.

2. Will I get any documentation after purchase?

Answer: Yes. How to host API and how to build APK file for mobile application is stated in the documents.

3. What does it take to host this application?

Answer: a. Windows hosting is required for API hosting and MS Sql databases are required.

4. Does this application have a web admin panel?

Answer: Not at present. We are working with the web admin panel. We hope you’ll get the web admin panel in the next another version.

5. Do you have any plans for the Php version?

Answer: Yes. We are also working on the Php version. Hopefully we will be able to upload the Php version as a separate item soon


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