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Flutter Grocery Shopping App UI Kit

Grocery Shopping app can sale grocery product, preferred brands, kitchen needs, essential home supplies and more, through this online, one-stop grocery store. It provides you with a convenient way to sale from your grocery shopping app. You can use this app as one big super market app to sale product of your store. This app make easy for user to buy product from store with easy steps and store can get easy order.


1. Onboarding Screen
2. Login
3. Signup
4. Forgot Password
5. Stores
6. List of products
7. Product Detail
8. Shopping Cart
9. Add Address
10. List of saved Address
11. Add Card
12. List of saved card
13. Order confirmation
14. List of orders
15. Order History Detail
16. Settings
17. Profile Information
18. Change password
19. Refer a friends
20. Logout


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