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FacebookClone – Ionic V.4 & Firebase

Facebook clone V4 & Firebase is the more advanced FacebookClone template using the Ionic framework. To buy this kind of overdeveloped clone, you need to master a minimum of Ionic but customizing this model is still very easy. In addition, we provide a customization service to help you develop your innovative features.

*Features of our full mobile-app template: *
Login /signup :
– Email system (Firebase backend)

– Post text, pictures, video, location
– Comment and like (with reaction) features

Create Page :
– Creation and admin

Create Groupe Facebook :
– Creation and admin

Private Message :
– Send message, text, video, location

Group Message :
– Send message, text, video, location
– Moderate group

Identification system & Hashtag system

Friend request system:
Add, accept & refuse

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