ENTUX Enterprise Mobile UI Kit

ENTUX Enterprise Mobile UI Kit

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ENTUX is an Enterprise Mobile UI Kit that you can use to build awesome experiences for your enterprise apps across any industry. It is a modern, clean and a very detailed UI kit for iOS. You can use ENTUX to craft efficient and usable experiences for your enterprise mobile apps to deliver winning experiences.

ENTUX could also be used as an Admin UI Kit.
ENTUX includes 5 Pre-defined layout options with 20 screens each. We have included more than 99+
functional and visually appealing screens that are carefully crafted for you. With a variety of UI
components and layouts, you could create and easily customize your app as per your or your user’s

All the symbols and objects that are used are in vector format and easily editable. We have created a
Symbol library in Sketch for your easy reference and easy customization.

Compatible with Sketch, Adobe XD & Figma


  • 99+ iPhone X Screens.
  • 5 Pre-defined layout options with 20 screens each.
  • Designed in Sketch.
  • 375×812 Resolution (iPhone X 52.5).
  • 100% Vector and Customizable
  • Layered & Well Organized
  • Montserrat Fonts (Google font)
  • Free fonts & icons.
  • Compatible with Sketch, Adobe XD & Figma
  • Well-documented Help file

List of All Pages

  • 01_01_Splash
  • 01_02_Log In
  • 01_03_Register
  • 01_04_Forgot Password
  • 01_05_Reset Password
  • 01_06_Drawer
  • 01_07_Dashboard
  • 01_08_Form
  • 01_09_Main Form Validation
  • 01_10_Inner Form Validation
  • 01_11_Dropdown Form
  • 01_12_Avatar
  • 01_13_Charts
  • 01_14_Calender
  • 01_15_List Items
  • 01_16_Messages
  • 01_17_Chat
  • 01_18_Add Participants
  • 01_19_Timeline
  • 01_20_Settings
  • 02_01_Splash
  • 02_02_Log In
  • 02_03_Register
  • 02_04_Forgot Password
  • 02_05_Reset Password
  • 02_06_Drawer
  • 02_07_Dashboard
  • 02_08_Form
  • 02_09_Main Form Validation
  • 02_10_Inner Form Validation
  • 02_11_Dropdown Form
  • 02_12_Avatar
  • 02_13_Charts
  • 02_14_Calender
  • 02_15_List Items
  • 02_16_Messages
  • 02_17_Chat
  • 02_18_Add Participants
  • 02_19_Timeline
  • 02_20_Settings
  • 04_01_Splash
  • 04_02_Log In
  • 04_03_Register
  • 04_04_Forgot Password
  • 04_05_Reset Password
  • 04_06_Drawer
  • 04_07_Dashboard
  • 04_08_Form
  • 04_09_Main Form Validation
  • 04_10_Inner Form Validation
  • 04_11_Dropdown Form
  • 04_12_Avatar
  • 04_13_Charts
  • 04_14_Calender
  • 04_15_List Items
  • 04_16_Messages
  • 04_17_Chat
  • 04_18_Add Participants
  • 04_19_Timeline
  • 04_20_Settings
  • 05_01_Splash
  • 05_02_Log In
  • 05_03_Register
  • 05_04_Forgot Password
  • 05_05_Reset Password
  • 05_06_Drawer
  • 05_07_Dashboard
  • 05_08_Form
  • 05_09_Main Form Validation
  • 05_10_Inner Form Validation
  • 05_11_Dropdown Form
  • 05_12_Avatar
  • 05_13_Charts
  • 05_14_Calender
  • 05_15_List Items
  • 05_16_Messages
  • 05_17_Chat
  • 05_18_Add Participants
  • 05_19_Timeline
  • 05_20_Settings
  • 03_01_Splash
  • 03_02_Log In
  • 03_03_Register
  • 03_04_Forgot Password
  • 03_05_Reset Password
  • 03_06_Drawer
  • 03_07_Dashboard
  • 03_08_Form
  • 03_09_Main Form Validation
  • 03_10_Inner Form Validation
  • 03_11_Dropdown Form
  • 03_12_Avatar
  • 03_13_Charts
  • 03_14_Calender
  • 03_15_List Items
  • 03_16_Messages
  • 03_17_Chat
  • 03_18_Add Partici


Stock Image References


For support please contact us at design@vrunik.com and we will get back to you within one business day.You can also email us your feedback and suggestions if any.

How to Use Sketch Files

Add or Replace Images: Select the Layers Group section of Artboard, double click on the Layer with Mask name, and you can adjust on the right side by clicking “Add image here”. You can also edit any text, color or any font file by double click and change the same.

You can also download full or the trial version of sketch from here. https://www.sketchapp.com.


The images used in the preview are not part of the actual download due to licensing restrictions


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