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Eatsy React Native Theme

Eatsy – Order Food Online, React Native (iOS & Android) template for food delivery app. This project does not contain any back end functionality and its purpose is to provide you with almost all Front End component to get started with your Restaurant Application.

  • React Native Version: 0.60.4
  • Node Version 12.13.0
  • Xcode Version 11.3 (11C29)
  • Android Studio Version 3.5.2

What’s inside

  • React Navigation for simple navigation
  • React Native Maps: Google Map for both Android & iOS
  • Splash Screen
  • Vector Icons : Customisable Icons for React Native
  • React Native Elements: UI Toolkit
  • Custom Fonts
  • Adobe After Effects animations (lottie-react-native)
  • Multiple ready to use screens.








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