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Classifs – Classified Ads Mobile App Template template app

Classifs – Classified Ads Mobile App Template

You can check our new release Diamads – Osclass goes mobile:

Classifs - Classified Ads Mobile App Template - 1


We want to present you the newest package we have ready for you:

  • Classified ads website
  • Classified ads mobile app (iOS and Android) + market submission on your account
  • Custom server solution, hosted on your server, no 3?rd party solution involved
Please send us an email at we@swepps.com with the text ?CLAS? if you want to learn more about this great offer and we will get back to you with all the details you need to know.

We look forward to a successful working relationship in the future,

Swepps Team.

The app use Parse.com, which will shut down their services at the end of this year.
If you need a custom server solution, or a different free to use 3rd party, we can help you, if you have a budget for this.
If you want us to give you a quotation, send us an email at we@swepps.com including every feature you need.
Thank you.

As promissed we have a small update for you, we have fixed the search function and added 'report' feature to the app. 

Go to http://swepps.com/classifs/updates/v29-12-15/main.js and include this Cloud Code for the search function, instead of the one in the app (CloudCode – cloud – main.js – edit and replace the code with this new one – parse deploy in your terminal).

After that, open controllers.js file, look for SearchResultsCtrl and replace it with this code over here: http://swepps.com/classifs/updates/v29-12-15/SearchResultsCtrl.js

This fixes the search function.

As for the report button, first add this code http://swepps.com/classifs/updates/v29-12-15/report.js inside controllers.js – inside ItemsCtrl (at the end), and inside templates – item.html add this code

<p class="pt20 text-center" ng-click="report(item.id)"><i class="material-icons assertive">report</i><br /> Report listing</p>

just before


This add a ‘reported’ flag to your item in Parse.

Online preview and the APK are not updated yet, we will come back after the holidays. Happy New Year!

This package is for iOS and Android.

Some features like social sharing, add a picture, work only on a real device, with a real app installed, you can download and install the apk provided. And when testing you can use a real email address if you want your account to be created. There is a verify email function which doesn’t allow you to login to your account if your email is not verified. We will remove some of the items posted by you while testing the app.

New and Updated Online Documentation – check it here

Classifs - Classified Ads Mobile App Template - 2
Classifs - Classified Ads Mobile App Template - 3
Classifs - Classified Ads Mobile App Template - 4

Easy to setup following step by step documentation.

Sass included – add your own color combination by replacing a few lines of code.

No custom server is required.

Please, don’t forget to rate our app. Thank you!


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    Updated on: 21 July 2020
    Created on: 21 July 2020