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CareMatch – Mobile Dating Application ( React Native )


CareMatch is written in react native framework. React Native is the best framework for mobile application. They created iOS and Android application and also performance same like native base. CareMatch is a dating application. I have developed a UI/UX design without a backend.

– We Provide you

  1. Email, Phone Login Screen.
  2. Verification Code Screen.
  3. Forgot Password Screen.
  4. Home
  5. Card Screen
  6. Card Details Screen
  7. Top Picks Screen
  8. Profile Screen
  9. Settings Screen
  10. Edit Profile Screen
  11. Purchase Pop Up Screen
  12. Chat Screen
  13. Message Screen
  14. Feed Screen Etc.

 – What’re the tools you have to

  1. Webstrom/Atom
  2. Android Studio
  3. Xcode
  4. React Native Command Line
  5. Node Package Manager
  6. Redux  

 – Build

  1. You have change Color, Icon, and Logo.
  2. Build the app android and iOS. 


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