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Buy & Sell Mobile App – Full Application with Meteor and Ionic.

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TapShop is a full buy and sell application for Android that is made with Angular JS, Ionic, and Meteor.
It includes mobile commerce features for shopping and selling products online with your smartphone, including chat messaging for buyers
and sellers.


This app is built with Meteor, so its recommended that you are familiar with building and deploying apps with Meteor platform before purchasing.

You also need to have all requirements for building Android apps on your computer to be able to generate the apk file. Visit our FAQ section and Meteor official guide to see the requirements.


Android App

Mobile Web (Visit on your mobile device.)


For Buyers

  • Shop listings by category.
  • Search listings.
  • Product details with image sliders.
  • Send offers to sellers.
  • Track listings with your offers.
  • Chat with seller.

For Sellers

  • Post products with listing form.
  • Upload photos with camera.
  • Crop photos before upload.
  • Manage posted listings.
  • Select offers from multiple buyers.
  • Chat with selected buyer.

General Features

  • User accounts.
  • Automated emails for user accounts.
  • Account verification.
  • User feedback and rating.
  • Facebook and Google login.
  • Get user location using GPS.
  • User account settings.
  • Infinite scroll and pagination.
  • Monetize your app with ads using AdMob.
  • Push notifications.
  • Integrate image uploads with Amazon S3.
  • Show distance of listings. (GPS on browser or device should be enabled).
  • Filter listings by distance.
  • Sort listings by distance, price, or post date.

Main Frameworks

  • Meteor v1.5.1
  • AngularJS v1.5.3_1
  • Ionic v1.2.4


This app can be hosted on servers that can host Node apps. The documentation files include guides on deploying this app to a VPS with Ubuntu or Debian OS (like AWS and Digital Ocean), Heroku, or on Meteor Galaxy.



- Updated the app to Meteor 1.5.1.
- Fixed issue of Google / Facebook sign-in going to a blank screen on latest mobile browsers. 
- Minor Bug Fixes. 


- Updated the app to Meteor
- Changed Google Sign-In on Android to use native sign-in process.
- Minor Bug Fixes. 
- Login and Register features no longer uses a third-party package for easy modification. 
- Push Notificaitons, AdMob, and System Email no longer needs to be enabled manually.


- Updated the app to Meteor
- Changed VPS deployment guide to be able to deploy this app on Meteor 1.4.+ versions.
- Updated Push Notifications from using Google Cloud Messaging(GCM) to Firebase Cloud Messaging(FCM).
- Added Mailgun smtp as option for Automated Emails.
- Improved app performance.


- Fixed issue of users cannot register if GPS or geolocation is disabled.
- Updated VPS deployment guide to include settings for adding SSL certificate.


- Added distance filters in listings and search results.
- Added option to sort listings by distance, price, or date.
- Added distance to each listing.
- Ask user to enable GPS when initializing the app.
- Reduced maximum listings per page from 50 to 20 before showing pagination.
- Reduced maximum search results from 20 to 10 before showing pagination.


- Added configuration file for integration of image uploads with Amazon S3.
- Fixed the following bugs and issues:
    App crashing due to file access permission on Android 6.0+
    Users cannot verify email using verfication link.
    Prevent users from closing User Rating modal without tapping on any modal button.
    Bug which allows seller to go to a deleted Product Page through Activity Feed.
    "Confirm Sold" button showing on Buyer when switching user account from Seller to Buyer.
    Image upload button not working on Edit Listing.


- Fixed issue on slower loading speed of Listings on version 18/07/2016.


- Added details on file changes in Documentation under "Changes and Bug Fixes".
- Auto-resize of profile images for faster uploads. 
- Changed image upload package for images to consistently show on Android app.
- Changed Test Data function.
- Corrected Test Data documentation.
- Fixed the following bugs and issues:
    Categories not showing correctly when there are odd number of cards.
    Images not showing on Select page when using custom categories.
    GPS not getting Region data on some countries.
    App not loading after running 'meteor update'. 
    Image upload not working on Android 4.4.


- Updated packages and Meteor to latest versions.


- Added AdMob integration to show ads on the app.
- Added push notifications.
- Updated guides on VPS deployment and Oauth settings.


- Added zoom-in, zoom-out, and rotate button to image editor.


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