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Buy and sell with Ionic 3 and Firebase

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Questions you might have:

Does it require any paid subscriptions or a custom server?
No it does not. Firebase, OneSignal, Google services are free to use, with limitation only when you reach a high number of users. As for the server, the app uses Firebase from Google.

Is it easy to setup?
The hardest part is to setup your computer to work with Ionic framework. Otherwise is not hard at all to setup the app. There is only one file where you have to include your own service keys (OneSignal, Google APIs, Firebase). Everything is detailed in the docs.

Do you provide any help with installation?
Yes actually we can help you to setup the app on your computer, no charge at all.

What about custom add-ons?
Sure, we are ready to add any functionality you might need. Every detail will be discussed based on the task requirements.

What about CodeCanyon updates?
You will benefit of every update for free once you have purchased the app.

Seller can be charged a fee to submit products?
Out from the box no. But once the payment gateway is included in the app, the rest is piece of cake.

Seller can add a limited number of photos?
Of course. Now the number is set to 3, but can be modified with ease.

Buyer can purchase products through the app?
This is something we can implement as a custom request. You can always address to http://pssthemes.com/#Quote for a quote.

What about the images size?
We did everything we could to take care about this, and now each picture, camera or library, takes from 50 to 150kb only (1200px) while stored in Firebase Storage.

Can the seller to feature their product for a certain fee?
This is not included in the app. But is a thing we can do for your particular app, as a custom request.

v1.0 {
   Initial release
v1.2 {
   Improved design,
   Search functionality,
   Map location


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