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Build android app for WordPress, WooCommerce

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Create an awesome mobile app for your WordPress, WooCommerce store

And you won’t even have to know to code

Demo apphttps://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.mstoreapp.app001

Try demo for your sitehttps://wordpress.org/plugins/woo-mstoreapp-mobile-app/

Read Online documenthttp://mstoreapp.com/documents/woocommerce/mobile-app/premium/

Tips and Tricks:

  • Each section is called blocks. you can add unlimited blocks and so pages
  • Blocks can be given sort order, So it will appear in order on mobile screen
  • Each banner can be linked to category products, post or block pages. Select link type and Give proper link id
  • Category Block with link id = 0 will display the main categories as children. Likn id = Category id will display will display subcategory as children
  • Product Block with link id = category will display product of the category as children
  • Each block can be given background color, padding, margin of your choice
  • Flash Sale Block with future ending time will display counter in the block
  • Any Block with Layout scroll will display children scrollable items, Layout grid will display grid structure
  • Banner Block with Layout Grid and Column 2, Will display 2 banners in one line. Column 3, Will display 3 banners in one line and so on
  • Give border radius 50% to display item in round shape
  • Choosing link type as Block Page will display children in new page


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