BookAir – Adobe XD UI Kit for Mobile App

BookAir Flight Booking App UI Kit is fully featured with 37 screens for iOS,
7 Fully-Editable Custom Vector Illustrations and 40 Custom Icons. It also comes
with a fully interactive & linked prototype inside the Adobe XD File to help with UX and build the
app faster.

Key Features:

  • 37 Premium Ready-To-Use Screens
  • Available in Adobe XD and PSD Formats.
  • High Resolution. 1125×2436 Resolution ~iPhone X Retina 3x
  • Every element is editable
  • Fully Layered, Grouped & Named appropriately
  • 100% Scalable Vectors
  • San Francisco Font ~Apple iOS Font
  • Easy to customize and edit
  • Compatible with Adobe Photoshop and Adobe XD
  • Well-Documented Help File

BookAir Intro
BookAir Logo Animation
BookAir Typography
BookAir Splash Screen
BookAir Overview
BookAir Navigation
BookAir Loading
BookAir Notification
BookAir Thank you

Screens Include:

  1. Splash Screens

    1. Splash Screen
  2. Onboarding Screens

    1. Search For Flights Screen
    2. Book A Flight Screen
    3. Get Your E-Ticket Screen
  3. Flight Search Screens

    1. Search Screen
    2. Select Location Screen
    3. Select Dates Screen
    4. Select Cabin and Travelers Screen
    5. Search Loading Screen
  4. Flight Search Results Screens

    1. Search Results Screen
    2. Search Results Filters Screen
    3. Search Results Filters – Airlines Screen
    4. Search Results Filters – Duration Screen
    5. Search Results Filters – Cabin Screen
  5. Flight Details Screens

    1. Flight Details Screen
  6. Notifications Screens

    1. Notifications Screen
  7. Watchlist Screens

    1. Watchlist Screen
  8. Booked Tickets Screens

    1. Booked Tickets Screen
  9. Settings Screens

    1. Settings Screen
    2. Settings Preferences Screen
    3. Settings Preferences – Social Contacts Screen
    4. Notifications Settings Screen
    5. Trips History Screen
    6. Get Help Screen
    7. Send Feedback Screen
    8. Payment Method Screen
    9. About Screen
    10. Settings Legal Screen
    11. Settings Legal: Terms and Conditions Screen
  10. Sign In and Sign Up Screens

    1. Sign In Screen
    2. Sign In – Error Screen
    3. Sign In – Success Screen
    4. Sign Up Screen
    5. Sign Up – Success Screen
  11. Error Screens

    1. 404 Error Screen
    2. No Internet Error Screen
    3. No Result Found Error Screen

Source and Credits:

Fonts: San Francisco For Mac |
San Francisco For Windows

Images: Unsplash


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Live Preview External Product via Envato
Live Preview External Product via Envato