Start preview Expo project with iPhone – How to

Start preview Expo project with iPhone – How to

If you any time trying to start the Expo project with iPhone you know. it’s not possible. Android easy starts but not iPhone. For me, it is not a secret iPhones users is buying more and with a huge check. I cannot show them my templates in Expo. But I know one working method: How to start preview Expo project with iPhone.

Why it’s so important for US?

  1. We create React native themes for selling. If we don’t give iPhone users test version it reduces the buying audience
  2. iPhone users this is the audience with the greatest purchasing power
  3. Testing applications for iPhone is a pleasure

Nearby I will open secrets dor for you – how did it and sell more products for iPhone users. And we are the first who did it and give clients the opportunity to try the product with iPhone.


Start Expo client on your local machine

expo start

Choose Tunnel, not LAN. It’s important!

Choose Tunnel, not LAN. It's important!

Send the Expo link by email for your self.

Send the Expo link by email for your self.
preview Expo project with iPhone

Copy the expo link

link for copy iPhone expo preview

Use URL shorter for link

short link for expo iphone preview

Put it inside the project description. And push to expo repository.

Then every time when somebody opens your expo project he can use iPhone for preview.

And the most important things! Do not stop your local machine and project. Because your clients every time will start apps on the iPhone with your local machine.

If you have any questions welcome to comments.

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