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Free Google Translate API for Dart

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void main() async {
  final translator = GoogleTranslator();
  final input = "Здравствуйте. Ты в порядке?";
  translator.translate(input, from: 'ru', to: 'en').then(print);
  // prints Hello. Are you okay?
  var translation = await translator.translate("Dart is very cool!", to: 'pl');
  // prints Dart jest bardzo fajny!
  print(await "example".translate(to: 'pt'));
  // prints exemplo


Using translate method passing the args from and to designates the language from text you’re typing and the language to be translated

translator.translate("I love Brazil!", from: 'en', to: 'pt').then((s) {
  // prints Eu amo o Brasil!


or you can omit from language and it’ll auto-detect the language of source text

translator.translate("Hello", to: 'es').then(print);
// prints Hola


and also pass the value to a var using await

var translation = await translator.translate("I would buy a car, if I had money.", from: 'en', to: 'it');
// prints Vorrei comprare una macchina, se avessi i soldi.


The returned value is a Translation object which holds the translation stuff

var translation = await translator.translate('Translation', from: 'en', to: 'es');
print('${translation.source} (${translation.sourceLanguage}) == ${translation.text} (${translation.targetLanguage})');
// prints Translation (English) == Traducción (Spanish)


You can use the extension method directly on the string too

print(await "example".translate(to: 'pt'));
// prints exemplo


There is translateAndPrint method that prints directly

translator.translateAndPrint("This means 'testing' in chinese", to: 'zh-cn');
// prints 这意味着用中文'测试'



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MIT License

Copyright © 2021 Gabriel Pacheco


This package is developed for educational purposes only. Do not depend on this package as it may break anytime as it is based on crawling the Google Translate website. Consider buying Official Google Translate API for other types of usage.