React Native Templates and Components

  • Aurora Restaurant is a React Native template useful for those who want to speed up the development of their project. I suggest using this template as a basis for your project and then extending it as best you want. I am always open to suggestions on how to improve the project. Template features: – use read more

  • INTRODUTION SELF-MANAGEMENT OF KINDERGARTEN SCHOOL ON PHONE AND LAPTOP INTERNATIONAL STANDARD WITHIN 30 MINUTES The software contains an amazing 50 professional features, created by masters engineers and designers in the field of education, with over 20 years of experience created to help you: Self-management of the entire training process, teachers and interaction with parents the read more

  • INTRODUCTION ZiniStore is an efficient and innovative Mobile Commerce solution with all the features you need to create an online store and grow your business. Whenever you and customers are, they can experience your rich & impressive services. Extremely neat & clean layout, ZiniStore is suitable for small to medium business owners who want to read more

  • instaApp – Instagram clone, React Native (iOS & Android) template for Social Network. This project does not contain any back-end functionality and its purpose is to provide you with almost all Front End component to get started with your own App. supported languages : English French Documentation : Features : Login with email Login read more

  • Quiz and Multimedia is template on React Native framework.Source code has been written in JavaScript and the final application can be built both for Android and iOS platforms. This template is well organized using custom components and constants Professional & Performance Android and iOS single code Highly customizable component Easy to deploy and custom app. read more

  • This is standart React Native Starter Kit with Firebase integration. This template good for your first step in react native development. Just install package and run the starter kit with firebase. More about this item

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    Free – eCommerce App React Native Codekit. 8 screens inside, well-organized library. All elements is separate components.

  • This plugin contains react-native codes. Full native search filter app. It is very easy to use and i will provide support for plugin issues.

  • This cross-platform app converts selected data unit number to all other data units. React Native Latest IOS and Android compatible Customazible Clean and easy to read code Ready to use and distribute Colorfull, high conrasted and eye friendly UI

  • Full Source Code about React native + Firebase login-logout and create a new user form. there is not template. Fresh coding and re-usable. This is a react native app. Full native (android ios) firebase authentication app. It is very easy to use and i will provide support. Features Android SourceCode IOS SourceCode Clean Code Easy read more

  • This is the most convenient react native animation component you never thought before. It is beginner friendly and super easy to set up, you can easy to place your component along with us, then everything is good to go. Live demo:

  • ADVANTAGE OF THIS APP : Android and iOS single code 100% iPhone and Android compatible Splash Screen Material design One signal Admob integrated Clean code Easily integrate to older app. YOU WILL GET : This is a React native app which basic functionality is Authenticate Touch ID. In start of application there is nice splash read more

Choose from over 170+ React Native templates. Buy app templates from just $10. Moreover 750+ mobile templates available on from different mobile app cross-platform frameworks.

React Native is a user interface (UI) framework base in JavaScript programming language. Using React Native there is the simplest way to create cross-platform applications for Android and iOS based on a single codebase.

While the thought of learning yet another programming language may be off-putting, there are some pretty compelling reasons to give React Native Templates a try.

Cross-platform: By using the same renderer, framework, and libraries lets you create a single UI to run on both Android and iOS. To ensure your application feels equally at home on either platform. React Native provides states, components and many frameworks like bootstrap components. Plus a number of packages that give you access to some platform-specific services and APIs.

Compatible with other programming languages: React Native integrates with Java code on Android and Objective-C and Swift on iOS. If you don’t have to completely rewrite your applications to start using React Native Templates. React Native has a hot-reload function with Expo. It’s common practice to work on your application’s code while the application itself is running on a device. To test changes as you make them. The time it takes Visual Studio or WebStorm to push each set of changes to the running application. Can really eat into your development time. To help you be more productive.

Using hot reload, you’ll typically see the results of your changes in under a second. Application state is also preserved, so you don’t need to spend time recreating the desired state manually. If your app has a login screen you won’t have to re-enter your login credentials following each hot reload.