7 Best application templates on React Native

React Native helps us to create a boilerplate that has been crafted for both platforms: Android and iOS. It is simple so we can have our development process as fast as it can be. There are the 7 Best application templates on React Native for different tasks, from hotel booking to cryptocurrency.

Nearby you find Best application templates on React Native

Airmart – React Native eCommerce app template

This is the biggest e-commerce application template that has ever been made at React Native. The developers used the maximum amount of opportunities from the classic WooCoomerce functions to create a new standard for the mobile application market. The application template connects to WordPress and WooCoomerce by few clicks and starts working out of the box. The application template supports cart, profile, base WooCommerce user cabinet, reorder functionality, attributes from products. If you use WooCommerce.

Watch video – how it works

Airmart – React Native e-commerce app template



Best application templates on React Native

Holistic is a very simple and good-looking hotel booking application template, it fully customizable and based on the latest React Native components. But the main characteristic of the app is a beautiful design. When you deal with the hotel industry, it is really important. Also, it has ready-to-use screens for users. There are login, register, splash screen, result search, filter, booking, and other options. There are all you need for building a great hotel booking application. Also, the app integrations with iOS & Android.

Mira – React Native Template & Starter kit

Mira is the starter kit for building your own application on React Native. This starter kit was built by real professionals. You can build a high-quality mobile app with a fusion of Mira. It very easy to start, practically doesn’t need anything to start developing. You can easy to change what you need. Because of its flexibility, Mira is perfect for different topics^ you can build the app for the blog, business, restaurant and other. It is very fast, it is no slows and lags. Just try to use it!

Mira – React Native Template & starter kit


React native  – Currency Converter

This application template also based on React Native and can help you to build your own application for convert currencies. It has all you need for this, especially the main screens: Main Screen Converter and Currencies screen. Also, it has Color Themes Screen so you can change the colors of the app. Currency Converter is very easy, customizable and has a really good-looking design.

React Native Currency Converter

Fira  –eCommerce App React Native Codekit

Fira is an eCommerce app based on React Native and works with the latest Expo version. It has easy customization and clean code, so your work will be simple and pleasant. The app can be used for iOS & Android and also it built with styled components and has 8 screens inside. Tab Bars, Stacks, and Headers already set up.


Tablet Menu for Restaurants

There are one of the best application templates for the digital menu for a cafe or restaurant. If you need the simple and illustrative app with a menu for your client, this is the one. How does it work? Well, the customer who seated at a table in a restaurant can order without the waiter, using his smartphone. The orders come to the management panel so he will receive his order soon, without talking with anybody. There are iOS & Android support. If you want you can see the demo version on theYouTube link.

Tablet Menu for Restaurants


React Bitcoin Ticker – React Native

It is an application template on React Native for monitoring changes in the price of a cryptocurrency and a review of news on this topic. You can show to value, add search for a list of coins, track cryptocurrency and other. It is multi-language.

React Bitcoin Ticker


BeoNews Expo – React Native mobile app

It is one of the best application templates on React Native for WordPress. You can use it for own Blog or Magazine based on WordPress. It is really simple so you can create your mobile app on a WordPress website, without any coding skill and development time. The magic of this template is work with different formats including video, photo, blog listing, Youtube and Vimeo. It supports smoothly Facebook and Google login. For more information please explore the video.

BeoNews Expo – React Native mobile app for WordPress


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