5 Best Chat application templates on Ionic

Make your own convenient and easy chat application using one of the 5 best chat application templates on Ionic. Our life became more simple since the invention of mobile applications for a chat. For example, now we can use a chat for sharing an interesting idea with our friend, arranging a meeting or to cancel it at any time. Also, chat applications replace e-mail and calling in the office.

AddWeb Ionic Chat

Best Chat application templates

This template helps you make your own application for a chat. Using app you can make personal or group chats with friends or colleagues and moderate it, for inviting the members you need to know the phone number of the person. This application has many opportunities. For example, you can retrieve old messages, push notification, search the message and share media with members of the group.

DreamChat – Whatzapp Clone App with Firebase & Sinch

Best Chat application templates

DreamChat is analog of very famous application, WhatsApp. The best feature of this app is a database native. So if you wrote the message and lost the web-connection, your message will be saved and be send when you come on-line. Also, you can delete dialog or messages, you can search it and share media files with your friends. There are voice call and video call too.

Facebook Clone in Ionic 3 and Firebase

Best Chat application templates

This one of the Best Chat application templates on Ionic have facebook application functionality and developed in the latest two technologies ionic 3 and Firebase. You can register, login, add a new post, like, dislike and comment post, update profile, share location and media files and see who is online. Also, there are personal and group chatting including video calling. It is very friendly and simple.

MobSocial – Ionic Cordova Phonegap Hybrid App Template and WordPress

Best Chat application templates

MobSocial is integrated with WordPress and contains several templates, such as a blog, chat, and news. It has an elegant interface, integrates with the Google AdMob platform and provides support for push notifications. If you want to see the template in action, look online demo.

Post Pingeon – Ionic 3 messenger app for iOS and Android

Post Pingeon

Post Pingeon is also one of the best Chat application templates on Ionic. It has very style and modern design and based on default Ionic style guides. This application has all functions which a good Chat application has. For example, you can be chatting and sharing media files in real time, also, you can use the camera (if you want to make some photos for your friends) and see the status of your interlocutor. Get your own Post Pigeon!


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