Instagram mockup – Top 30 mockups for download

Instagram mockup – Top 30 mockups for download

Instagram already became an essential part of modern human life. That is why the Instagram mockup has rightfully become the main assistant of designers. And that's why I'm happy to present you a list of the best mockups for instagram. From posts to IGTV, everything is carefully selected and organized specifically for your comfort. Enjoy it!

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Instagram already became an essential part of modern human life. That is why the Instagram mockup has rightfully become the main assistant of designers. And that’s why I’m happy to present you a list of the best mockups for instagram. From posts to IGTV, everything is carefully selected and organized specifically for your comfort. Enjoy it!


1. Instagram Mockup 2021 Download: PSD, Sketch, Figma template app

Instagram mockup

This mockup is not merely ranked first place in the Instagram best mockups list. This mockup rightfully opens up a list of the best of the best, because it contains more than 30 instagram screens, that are tailored to the most recent updates. The instagram mockup is the most important tool for designers, for founders, for SMM managers, businessmen and businesswomen. This is a full set of screens that are suitable for working with Figma, Sketch and you.

So whatever you’re doing, whatever it is you think you’re looking for… it’s all in.

2. Instagram mockup dark mode template app 

Instagram Mockup Dark Mode Preview

“Ah you think darkness is your ally? You merely adopted the dark mode of instagram. This mockup was born in the dark, molded by it.” – Bane

Perhaps the only one of its kind, created especially for a sophisticated audience.

More than 30 incredibly detailed screens of original black design, they are constructed to show your product with an advantage over everyone else. Stories, instagram TV, feed, and much more that you can change to suit your needs.

3. Instagram Post Template

Instagram Post Mockup

Do you have something to share with your followers or customers? Then you should check how the image will look like in the feed. Sometimes visualization is not enough, and then rendering comes to the rescue. The mockup was created to show how your product will be seen by customers. It is also perfect for a business demonstration, and better reveal your brilliant ideas.

4. Free Instagram Mockup 

Instagram Post Mockup

Those who work with Photoshop will appreciate this mockup. Because it’s created to work with Photoshop CS6 and later versions. This mockup presents a custom version of instagram. It can be good for your personal use, as well as for commercial work.

5. Instagram Mockup for Sketch

Instagram Mockup for Sketch

I see you working in Sketch? So, I have one mockup just for you! That instagram screen mockup will help you create a good presentation and showcase your branding project as well as you want. More than 10 excellent screens are waiting for you. Convenient and easy-to-use. Pretty realistic mockup design is made at the expense of expanded pages. Hurry up and download for free.

6. High Resolution Instagram Mockup

Instagram Mockup

Are you on a deadline? The easiest way to save yourself – this is the best  instagram mockup for download. All the elements are editable. We’ll go nice and easy

7. Instagram Feed and Profile PSD Mockup

FREE Instagram Feed and Profile PSD UI template

Simple and pretty mockup of the feed and profile for your instagram. It will help to save your working time and the nature around you. This PSD file allows you to change all elements and options, but we warn you that this mockup doesn’t use the original Instagram font.

8. Business Instagram Templates

Business Instagram Templates

If you need, in the blink of an eye, created  incredible instagram, then this is your choice. This mockup is perfect for a business account. It contains templates for Instagram posts with a concise and attractive design, and in addition it is also extremely simple for you to customize it as you wish

9. Instagram Stories Pack

Instagram Stories Pack Mockup

Do you need creative and dynamic mockups for your instagram stories? I found it for you. So, well, ball’s in your court. Download and enjoy!


10.Instagram Mobile Mockups Pack

Instagram Mobile Mockups Pack

If you were bitten by the Photoshop bug, and now you can’t imagine life without it. Then this mockup is specially made for working with you. This is the full set: stories, feed, ads, profile page, and more. You will save a lot of time if you buy this mockup right now.

11. Mother’s Day Instagram Templates 

Mother's Day Instagram Templates 

 I think this is one of the cutest and most original mockups for Instagram posts. Mother’s Day is an international holiday that brings together different people from all parts of the world. That’s why your Mother’s Day post should be special! This mockup includes 13 templates for posts that are extremely easy to use. Also the file contains a manual for using them. Fully layered, and organized folders with smart objects. That means to you that you can easily change colors, fonts, images, shapes. The author of this incredible mockup illycreative


 12. Instagram interface template premium Premium Psd 

Instagram interface template

An Instagram mockup that’s perfect for showcasing posts, design, your product, or anything else. It’s simple, you just need to use smart objects. Want to see what the Instagram user interface will look like with your brand or your product? Just download it!

13. Free Instagram Template 2021

 Instagram Template 2021

Incredibly cool Instagram mockup! This mockup combines absolutely everything you need. Store, posts, stories, live feed. Do you need anything else? BOOM! This mockup is also presented in a dark and light format, and, as a nice bonus, it is also totally free.


14. Instagram template for Stories and Posts 

Instagram template for Stories and Posts

UI Mockup will become the best assistant in running your Instagram business. This mockup includes auto-layout, variants and even interactive components for sliders. Customize it as you like and promote your business more successfully! 


15. Instagram Post Mockup Generator 

Instagram Post Mockup

Do you run a modern business through Instagram? Then you know exactly how important the right and good-looking advertising is. You can use this mockup to check how your ad will look before publishing. Such a check will allow you to identify design flaws or just make sure that everything is done perfectly.


16. Instagram Story Ad Mockup Generator Template

Instagram Story Ad Mockup

Make a long story short! And then immediately publish it on your Instagram. Instagram stories have long become an essential part of our lives. 15-second content made a huge influence on the advertising industry, and it made an even bigger impact on sales. That’s why it’s so important to see how your ad, design, or just a story will look like, before it’s officially published.Just, put your content idea onto the screen to visualize your Instagram marketing concept in no time, before publishing.


17. Instagram Profile Mockup (Desktop) 

Instagram Profile Mockup (Desktop)

In today’s world, it is very difficult to engage in digital marketing without Instagram, because digital commerce is the most prospective and fast-growing. So, when you develop Instagram for business, you should consider not only the mobile version of the app, but also the PC version.


18. Instagram Mock-Up Template

Instagram Mock-Up Template

A marketing campaign is very essential for running an Instagram business.This is the perfect solution for visualizing your Instagram mobile profile pages, stories, photos, and much more before they will be published. In this set you will find 24 detailed instagram screens.This mockup is very easy to use because of the high organization and named layers.


19. High Resolution Instagram Mockup PSD

High Resolution Instagram Mockup PSD

High resolution, automatic perspective, organized layers and cool shadows – this is just what you need. You can easily create an incredibly consumer-friendly design for your stories, which will bring a lot of new subscribers and sales.This mockup is extremely easy to use! 


20. Minimal Instagram Stories PSD

Minimal Instagram Stories PSD

Running a business account on Instagram takes a lot of time and effort. For this cause, it is very important to create a concise design that will help you save time and boost sales.


21. Free instagram story mockup

instagram story mockup

I bet that this mockup is perfect for personal and commercial use. This set of 4 PSD with UI included on the files is designed specifically to showcase your  Instagram Stories. Make your Instagram more attractive in just a couple of clicks. 


22. Free IPhone Screen / UI / Instagram Mockup

Free IPhone Screen / UI / Instagram Mockup

Instagram Mockup for social media Promotional Banner templates for any kind of business that will suit perfect for your company or personal Instagram profile. This mockup includes not only the instagram interface, but also the iPhone look and feel. With smart objects and high resolution, you can simply and efficiently change pictures. This mockup fits for Photoshop and it is presented in two types: premium and free.

23. Ultimate Social Media Mockups Bundle 

Ultimate Social Media Mockups

The largest set of social network mockups, everything you need is collected in one place. More than 150 templates, what else do you need for designer ecstasy? This mockup is incredibly well organized, making it rightfully the best in its category. From Pinterest to Instagram and back, everything is done at the highest quality. Fits for Canva and Photoshop. 


24. Instagram Branding Kit

 Instagram Branding Kit mockup

What unites a designer working in Figma with a designer working in Adobe Illustrator? That’s right, this instagram mockup. This mockup allows you to see how instagram will look like from a mobile device or from a personal computer, that is an important component of the success of any brand. 


25. ACID Instagram Stories & Posts

Instagram Stories & Posts

Modern, futuristic, stylish – you can describe this cool mockup forever. This set includes more than 30 screens for posts and stories. This mockup changes as easily and quickly as fashion trends. You can change anything you want: font, text, colors. This mockup is your own reflection! Just try it! 

26. Food Blogger Instagram set CANVA

Food Blogger Instagram set

Recipe for a successful Food Blog: You need to mix juicy photos, informative texts and this incredibly cool mockup. Leave it for a few minutes and enjoy the likes from your followers. This set includes 18 posts and 9 story templates. The template is fully editable and available in Canva. You can change images, elements, text, absolutely everything is customizable to create your own unique Food Blog.

27. Digitoon – Instagram Stories & Post 

Instagram Stories & Post

This mockup is suitable for everyone. It is available in three price categories, which makes it even more convenient for using. The set includes 12 screens, 6 stories, 6 posts, that you can easily change with an image placeholder. Boost your Instagram with this incredible mockup.





This mockup is created for your successful business. In a matter of minutes, you can customize your content strategy and boost your social media appearance, by using the unified style of this mockup. Very simple and functional mockup, this is exactly what you need! Use smart objects to customize the mockup as you need it. It is also suitable for programs such as Sketch and Photoshop.

29. Instagram IGTV Mockup

Instagram IGTV Mockup

IGTV on Instagram is very convenient for consuming content. This video format in instagram was created for the people of the next generation, who are able to infinitely consume content on their mobile devices. That’s why this format became so popular. And this is the reason why a high-quality mockup for IGTV is required. In this well-made set, you get five incredible screens, which allows you to upload your videos professionally. The author of this incredible mockup is Rohit Alexander.

30. Instagram stories templates Free Vector

Instagram story template

We offer you an “all inclusive” Instagram stories mockup. If you travel often, you know for sure that choosing photos for stories takes a lot of time and effort, without mentioning the stylish design. That’s why this mockup for the travel story was created. Great vector template for instagram story design. It’s also free! 

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