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7 Best WordPress Application Templates by React Native

7 Best WordPress Application Templates by React Native

Although React Native is still an emerging technology in the minds of many, it is already in widespread use. And when there is a need to convert your WordPress website into an iOS or Android app, this framework comes to your rescue big time. With scores of ready-to-use WordPress Application Templates by React Native, considerable yet inexpensive time savings are possible.

With this in mind, have a look at some best WordPress React Native app templates that may prove extremely useful in website-to-app conversion.


This is the biggest e-commerce application template that has ever been made at React Native. The developers used the maximum amount of opportunities from the classic WooCoomerce functions to create a new standard for the mobile application market. The application template connects to WordPress and WooCoomerce by few clicks and starts working out of the box. The application template supports cart, profile, base WooCommerce user cabinet, reorder functionality, attributes from products. If you use WooCommerce.

biggest React Native e-commerce application template

BeoNews Pro

BeoNews Pro buy – WordPress Application Templates

BeoNews Pro is an elegant WordPress app template that looks remarkably modern with its minimalistic yet beautiful interface. Since it is a multi-purpose app, you can think of some original use. Being compatible with CeBuilder, it promises to be extremely easy to build and customize.


Powerful and versatile, gikApp contains 3 delightful themes: Blog, Spa, and Construction. This React Native app will be an excellent addition to any WordPress website as it is full support for WP. With the template, you can save plenty of time and money.

Hubay WooCommerce

Hubay WooCommerce – WordPress Application Templates

Designed for single or multiple WooCommerce stores, the template makes it possible to build a store app in just a few minutes. Not only does it look trendy, but it is also rather unique because of its WooCommerce focus. Furthermore, developers promise one-time remote support for every buyer.


listapp download

This is one of the best WordPress Application Templates by React Native is going to be a nice solution, provided that you are looking for a listing directory app. List App allows mapping, booking, tracking, monetization and advertising (MobAds, Facebook Ads) and much more. Also, it is notable for its enhanced performance and various cool features like offline access, Google Maps API search, chat, wishlist, and so on.

MStore Pro

mstore pro buy

High-performance and stable, MStore Pro is probably one of the best affordable e-commerce solutions powered by React Native. This WordPress app template has full integration with WooCommerce, supports multiple languages, and has tons of features to customize the layout and display products in the most visually attractive way. It has 30+ full-functioning screens, 100+ reusable modules and components, and a great many of endorsements.


ReactPage download

ReactPage offers a great way to improve the performance of a slow-loading WordPress website with a high-speed single web app. It features easy customization, clean code, and a powerful performance-boosting capacity. By the way, you can even test this WordPress Application Templates by React Native with any WP website online!


Qribto buy

Tailored to crypto news WordPress websites, this React Native app template allows you to convert your cryptocurrency content into an application for Android or iOS in a couple of minutes. Qribto has a fresh and stylish look while being fast and reliable at the same time. Furthermore, 13 modern layouts make it easier to realize your crypto news content ideas.


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