7 Best eCommerce Application Templates on React Native

More and more people nowadays choose to make purchases online, helping eCommerce sector to grow continuously for the last almost ten years. Mobile eCommerce applications are the latest trend in this market. As more and more customers switch from desktop to mobile platforms, pretty much any online store needs to have its own mobile app for all the main systems. That’s why today we have made for you this list of the best eCommerce application templates based on React Native.

Airmart – React Native e-commerce app template

The biggest e-commerce application template that has ever been made at React Native. The developers used the maximum amount of opportunities from the classic WooCoomerce functions to create a new standard for the mobile application market. The application template connects to WordPress and WooCoomerce by few clicks and starts working out of the box. The application template supports cart, profile, base WooCommerce user cabinet, reorder functionality, attributes from products. If you use WooCommerce.

React Native e-commerce application template


StoreX deserves to be at the top of our list of the best eCommerce application templates for a number of reasons. This template’s code is well-structured and highly optimized. It has a really nice and modern design with 34 customizable screens. All that makes it easy to build a modern and very functional eCommerce app for both OS and Android with StoreX.



TechStore is probably the best React Native template you can find to create an electronics online store application. It has Shopify integration, while animation and UI/UX are optimized for gadgets shops. This template also offers really smooth design and multi-language support, with a good choice of layouts to make your own app look as unique as possible.


Complete React Native App for Magento2 eCommerce Websites

Another good React Native template, this time for Magento 2 eCommerce platform. There are not so many React Native Magento templates, and this one probably is the best. So an app built with this template would be easy to integrate with a Magento 2.X website. This tool is very easy to use, it requires minimum customization. You can just pick the name of your app, add its logo, choose colors, and it would be ready to go.


React Native Fashion eCommerce App – best eCommerce application templates

This product in our list of the best eCommerce application templates was made specifically for clothing shops. React Native Fashion eCommerce App supports WooCommerce and WordPress websites. As always with React Native templates, it is quite easy to use and customizable. Developers of this tool provide it with a detailed tutorial and responsive customer support, so you should not have any problems creating your own mobile fashion store.

Ecommerce application templates


Shoppin React Native Ecommerce UI Template – best eCommerce application templates

Another very decent React Native eCommerce template. It could even be on top of our list if there wouldn’t be so much competition in this segment. Has a very responsive interface and smooth design. Integrated with automatic location fetcher, React Native image picker, React Native snap carousel and React Native geo-coding.

Ecommerce application templates


Complete React Native App for eCommerce– best eCommerce application templates

This is a version of the template at the 3d spot in our list, but this time made for WooCommerce stores. Pretty much have all the same features. Would be a good choice specifically for WooCommerce-based mobile app.

Ecommerce application templates


Mstore Expo – best eCommerce application templates

Another very good template. As we have already mentioned, there is plenty of choice in the eCommerce application templates segment. Mstore Expo is made for WooCommerce sites, but you can find versions of this template for other eCommerce platforms. Mstore offers modern highly customizable design, optimization and complete tutorial docs.


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