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7 Best Components & Plugins Application Templates on React Native

There are plenty of great React Native application templates nowadays, good for various purposes. But sometimes you just can not find a perfect template for your app. Some templates may lack certain functions or have them not in the way you want. When something like that happens you need to use additional external components to integrate into your add. That’s why today we have prepared for you a list of the best components & plugins application templates based on React Native framework.


1. React native Timeline UI

React native Timeline UI is a template component which basic functionality is to display a Timeline view. Timeline view could be used for many types of applications. For example, for a Blog display, Order display, Comments display and more. This template has clean code, and is easy to integrate into an older mobile app. Offers various types of Timeline as well.


2. Phoenix

Phoenix is one of the best tools in our list of components & plugins application templates. It’s a multipurpose app template that gives you enormous choice of components to use. Phoenix has more than 50 handcrafted components. Clean code with detailed documentation is another strength of this template. So with Phoenix you can create a WordPress app (working with WordPress API), RSS Feed App, Facebook App and more.


3. React native Material design – best components & plugins application templates

This is another nice React Native template. Its purpose is to display Material component. This component is good for many types of applications. It would be handy for User avatars, Action button, Icon, Badge, Bottom navigation, List view, Menu, etc.


4. React Native Login Logout Animation – best components & plugins application templates

Very simple two page template with smooth login and logout animation. Needless to say it could be used pretty much for any application with user profiles. The template has various components like Animated Button (FabButton, RectangularButton), Animated Logo, Animated Overlay, Avatar, Drawer Controls and Material Design Text Field.


5. React native Chart UI

Another handy React Native component template. It allows your app to display chart views with all kinds of data. So it could be used in various apps that need to show users data, financial app or currency monitoring apps for example.

components & plugins application templates


6. Antiqueruby – best components & plugins application templates

Antiqueruby is one of the best in our list of React Native components & plugins application templates packages. It has more than 140 different screens that could be used for profiles, sign-ins and sign-ups, social media, navigation and more. All of them are nicely designed and easy to make a part of your app.

components & plugins application templates


7. React native Form Validation

Another simple component template with a very specific purpose. It is displaying various types of form view with input validation. So it could be useful if you are creating any kind of an app than needs a form validation. Same with previous ones in our list, React native Form Validation has very clean code and is easy to integrate in an older app.

components & plugins application templates

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