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5 Best ToDo List Application Templates on React Native & Ionic

There are many kinds of mobile apps that can improve your day-to-day life. ToDo list apps is a good example. This kind of app would help you to organise your day, keep track of the tasks you need to do and be more effective in general. And nowadays, thanks to great multiprofile frameworks React Native and Ionic, you can easily create your own personal ToDo list app for others to use. That’s why today we have prepared a list of the best ToDo list application templates on React Native & Ionic.


1. Todo List

Todo List is a React Native template with quite simple interface and minimalist design. It is quite easy to use thanks to clean optimised code and good support from the developer. Todo List basically has two pages with lists – one for completed tasks and another for the ones yet to be done. It also has integrated Google AdMob support to it make easier for you to monetise your app.


2. Tudu

Tudu is another very good React Native product in our list of the best ToDo list application templates. This one certainly has nicer design as well as slightly more functions. Besides the list of tasks itself it also has Insights page showing the progress in completing tasks with simple graphs. Tudu also has offline storage option and splash screen with multiple items.

ToDo List Application Templates


3. Minimalist Todo App – Best ToDo List Application Templates

The name kind of says it all. Another good option if you want to make your own ToDo list app on React Native. Unlike two previous templates Minimalist Todo App uses warm red and orange colors in its design. It offers users offline storage, one-touch clear list option, scroll-enabled List and some other features. This template is quite customizable as well.

ToDo List Application Templates


4. ToDo Theme – Best ToDo List Application Templates

This one is quite feature-rich compared to previous templates in our list. ToDo Theme is also one of the best ToDo list application templates based on Ionic 3 framework. ToDo Theme allows you to create a multipurpose app not just limited to simple task lists. The template has integrated calendar and map, user profiles, charts and graphs to visualise completed tasks. It also includes a Timeline page where all your tasks are displayed in scheduled order.

ToDo List Application Templates


5. Task Manager – Best ToDo List Application Templates

Another rather basic ToDo lists app template based on Ionic 3 framework. Has all the same features with task lists and charts to illustrate how many of them you still have to complete. This one allows to add more details about each task if needed. Also Task Manager has clean source code, and you can use its functions as a component for other apps.


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