5 Best Multipurpose Application Templates on React Native

React Native gets more and more popular in mobile application development nowadays. With ready to use mobile templates it has never been easier to create your own app without even knowing how to code. And if you want to build a number of different apps, and do not have much of a budget for it, you can use multipurpose templates good for all kinds of apps. That’s why today we have created a list of the best multipurpose application templates based on React Native framework.


1. App Platform

App Platform is one of the best in our list of React Native multipurpose application templates. All thanks to a really nice design, clean code and huge choice of templates. With App Platform you can create almost any major mobile app. It has templates for an online shop app, Shopify app, Restaurant app, Recipes app, Events app, Night Club app, Conference, Radio, News and even a Chat app. Any app made with App Platform will look quite modern and cool.


2. Phoenix

Phoenix is another great choice of a multipurpose React native app template. Now it includes three different app templates and more than 50 handcrafted components. So it allows you to customise your own app. Clean code and detailed documentation is another distinctive feature of Phoenix.

multipurpose application templates


3. ReactXS – best multiprofile application templates

ReactXS not just provides users with a number of really well-designed templates with diverse animations. It also has a great tutorial on how to build a React Native app from scratch with a lot of supporting documents. ReactXS supports users by updating templates to match with new versions of React Native as well.

multipurpose application templates


4. ALL IN 1 TEMPLATE – best multiprofile application templates

Name says it all. Another great tool in our list of the best multiprofile application templates. This tool is one of the most content-rich products out there. It offers more than 130 pages for your app. So it’s easy to change design, customise functions and basically create the application you want just with ALL IN 1 TEMPLATE. This template is also created in a way to make it easy to integrate new screens or functions into an older app.

multipurpose application templates


5. Arivaa – best multiprofile application templates

Arivaa is a great package of general purpose features that you would most likely need for any React Native app. It has more than 25 UI elements. Date Time Picker, Multi Select, Multi Tag, Modal, Actionsheet are among them. All the features have multi-language support and are fully functional with mock backend.


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