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5 Best Firebase Application Templates on React Native

Firebase is a powerful Backend-as-a-Service (BaaS) solution that has gotten very popular among app developers. And for a good reason. It provides them with many wide-ranging features and performance boosting elements to make their apps faster and better. And Firebase elements often are a great addition to React Native apps and templates. They are making creation of your own app even easier. So that’s why today we have made this list of the best Firebase application templates on React Native.


1. Arivaa with Firebase

Arivaa is a great React Native template containing scenario focused UI Elements to create a production ready application. Built with Firebase. This version of Arivaa has more than 25 different UI Elements. A number of components are using Firebase features. Among them are multiprovider authentication, real-time data updates and APIs to send push notifications.


2. Social Full App Firebase 

Another well-made product in our list of the best Firebase application templates. Social Full App offers a number of UI Elements for social applications. It has pretty much all major elements you would need when creating your own app with social functions.

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3. React Native Redux Firebase Chat – best Firebase application templates

This one is a great simple template for a chat application. As you probably understood from its name, this is a React Native-based product with Firebase and Redux. So Authentication and Sign up with Firebase will make it super easy to use this app.

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4. Conference app – best Firebase application templates

Conference App is a great React Native template for a mobile app. It would show user latest conferences, events and all kinds of sessions nearby. It also has very functional Firebase Admin Panel, which allows you to manage the app content, layout, design, send push and manage orders. This template has a PayPal integration as well. So it can be used for monetisation by selling tickets.

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5. Firebase Auth Integration – best Firebase application templates

This is a simple component template with Firebase authentication for React Native apps. It basically includes a Firebase login-logout pages and a form allowing you to create a new user. It is very easy to use thanks to clean coding and provided support.


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