5 Best Crypto Application Templates on React Native & Ionic

Almost everyone who has Internet access at least heard something about Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Cryptos are very popular nowadays, even despite Bitcoin’s price going down from its all-time heights in 2017. This makes more and more people follow cryptocurrencies market, which is changing so fast. And what is the best way to follow any market info? Multiprofile mobile application of course. That’s why today we have prepared a list of the best crypto application templates based on React Native and Ionic!


1. React Native Crypto Trader

Crypto Trader is one of the best crypto application templates based on React Native. With this tool you can create your own app to monitor cryptocurrencies market. The app will show real-time prices and all major news of more than 2500 crypto coins. Including Bitcoin, Eethereum, XRP, Monero, Litecoin and other types of cryptocurrency. Crypto Trader also has clean optimised code and quite nice design.


2. React Bitcoin Ticker – best crypto application templates

Another great React Native template. The difference is React Bitcoin Ticker designed to monitor the main cryptocurrency Bitcoin exclusively. But the template could be customised for other cryptocurrencies as well. It also shows user real-time price changes as well as all the significant news stories about Bitcoin. This template has more attractive and stylish design compared to the previous one. It also has multi-language support, Firebase integration as well as Google AdMob integration.

crypto application templates


3. Qribto – best crypto application templates

Qribto is a React Native template which allows you to create a mobile app that will be integrated with a WordPress news site. So it would be a good solution if you already have a web-site about cryptocurrencies based on WordPress. Integration of a new app made with Qribto and WordPress is really easy thanks to WordPress REST API. This is probably one of the best templates on React Native to convert WordPress into mobile app. So you can use it to build other kinds of apps too, not just crypto.

crypto application templates


4. Cryptoz – best crypto application templates

Cryptoz is another crypto application template, but this time based on Ionic 3 framework. An app created with this template would allow you to monitor prices of many different cryptocurrencies and coins market data, read crypto news and check conversion rates for different cryptos. Cryptoz-based application will be able to track more than 1400 cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Altcoin, Litecoin, IOTA, Cardano, Stellar and others are among them. The template also supports traditional currencies info. And has two different design themes to offer – dark and light.

crypto application templates


5. Crypto Currencies Full App

Another template with pretty much the same purpose, also based on Ionic 3. This one also shows all kinds of info on every more or less known cyptocurrency. The information is more detailed than with previous templates. So an app made with Crypto Currencies Full App template would be a good choice for more demanding users.


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